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Jane Wallington

Birth Doula, Hypnobirthing Practitioner, Instructor of The Wise Hippo Birthing Programme, trained in Spinning babies and also Closing The Bones massage, which i also thoroughly enjoy. Please take a look at the reviews on my Facebook page Breeze Birthing.

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Allison Wickramasinghe

Sharing this ceremony brings me so much joy. This female ceremony can be performed at any significant life juncture. My own journey of discovery lead me from Midwife, to Mother of three small children, to The Wise Hippo Instructor, to Baby Spinner practitioner, to Rebozo user, to Bones Closer, to Placenta Encapsulator & Placenta Remedy Practitioner.…

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Jude Sutton

Returning after maternity leave and so looking forward to gifting women this wonderful therapy again.  If you’re ready, I’m ready! As a professional birth educator I came into contact with Closing the Bones therapy and trained with Sophie Messager. I offer Closing the Bones massage sessions in and around Cambridgeshire.  I am really proud and…

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Sophie Messager

I am a doula, bodyworker and healer. Everywhere else in the world (apart from the Western world), after giving birth women get a month of rest, during which they receive special nourishing foods and treatments. Here in the UK, when you’ve just had a baby, our culture has got it all wrong, because you get…

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