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Friends close the bones

We recently asked for stories from the bone closers in our community. We wanted to run a competition to celebrate our 200th member! We wanted their experiences of both giving and receiving. We had many marvellous entries and will be sharing the winning entries here over the coming weeks. Here is our first place winner…

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A mother’s experience of closing the bones

When I first heard of a ‘closing the bones’ ceremony I must admit I thought it sounded slightly sinister and cult-ish – I couldn’t have been more wrong! A quick ‘Google’ brought up lovely stories and images of South African women celebrating motherhood with a wonderful woman-centred ceremony incorporating massage and rebozo work. So, not…

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Welcome to the Closing the Bones Community Blog!

Why this website? Welcome to the new closing the bones community – a reflection on 4 years of closing the bones giving and receiving. When Maddie and I attended Rocio’s workshops back in 2012 and 2013, we could have never predicted how much the closing the bones community would grow and how we would be…

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