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Becky Bohan – The Mothers Touch

Becky Bohan – The Mothers Touch

Covers: Cambridgeshire, Essex, Hertfordshire, London


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I’m so excited that my path is evolving, before becoming a mother in 2010 I would have not expected. I am so grateful for hypnobirthing, BabyCalm and ToddlerCalm for Empowering my journey I will always continue to use that knowledge and experience in everyday life and guidance as I truly do believe it is the best start you can give yourself as a parent or carer for children but especially your children. 

My big dream has always been to change the world (maybe a bit bold) but to try always choose love and kindness to be a good enough parent in a kind and gentle way so your children can carry this love onto their own in the next generation (small steps but changing their world to the next) I still love my work through Sling Dreams and the 4th Trimester and path is evolving in healing too. Now some of you may think Woohoo, I’m off and for that I respect your decision and thank you for your support. But I hope you can continue to travel with me.

I did Closing the Bones and Birthing with a Rebozo training at the beginning of 2017 which has confirmed what I already know. My passion has always been Empowering Parents, pregnancy, newborn and the first two years of parenthood (which I feel provides the building blocks and foundations for parents and the childs future) but in this day and age it is far from an easy journey, they say it takes a village to raise a child sadly most of us no longer live in one, let alone near the comfort of our family to help us and to share the knowledge of past generations so we end up feeling lonely, isolated, anxious and not knowing which way to turn. Much of this is triggers from our own life, from childhood, baby or beyond and is left unresolved until we need to care for our own babies. 

I discovered lots of holistic healing and therapies while suffering from depression and anxiety when I sadly did not get the support I needed, although many of the doctors I saw were fantastic and the support was amazing I still didn’t feel I could cope well with daily life. And now I’m pleased to say I can pass knowledge and therapies I have discovered that did work onto you. I have done crystal healing training, meditation training, Reiki I am also training in Shamanic healing. My journey is forever evolving.

The Closing the bones sacred ceremony I offer will infuse all of these teachings and although the massage based on an equadorian ritual taught from a Shamanic healer and midwife Rocco passed on via Sophie Messager and Maddie Mcmahon is aimed at postnatal mothers within the first 40 days of childbirth. I truly believe this deep primal connection of the ceremony can be felt by all, men included that have received have also reported feelings of healing both physically and spiritually. I have carried the sessions on new mothers, mothers with older children and those who do not have children. Many are closing a chapter on a stage of life or starting a new one. Or just in need of alignment, connection or balance. It equally gives you something I cannot put into words. 

Closing The Bones using the energy gifts of Reiki and crystal healing. I am so grateful to assist you on your journey.

With Love Becky, The Mothers Touch xxx

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