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Chrissie Boswell

Chrissie Boswell

Covers: East of England, Hertfordshire, Norfolk, Suffolk

Website: HTTPS://

Phone: 07487329292

You can also contact me on email:

Location details:

I have a beautiful calming space just outside of Norwich which is perfect for closing the bones. However, I am also happy to discuss travelling to your preferred setting to perform your CTB ceremony within the Norfolk area

More about me:

I am a mum of four, a Midwife and founder of Mamma Me Time, a Complementary Therapies and education service specialising in pregnancy and early motherhood.

I know just how impacting these times in our life are and I am passionate about providing women with as much natural support, advice and ‘me time’ through this journey as a way to help them recover, rejuvenate and most of all enjoy their journey.

Closing the bones is such a wonderful service to be able to offer to women. It is so adaptable and so can be tailored to your exact needs. It is simply a beautiful experience and I would be honoured to provide you with your ceremony.

Please get in touch if you have any questions.

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