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Christy Fouracre

Christy Fouracre

Covers: Kent


Phone: 07809112690

You can also contact me on email:

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I cover all of Kent! Neighbouring counties too with travel expenses.

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Hello Lovely Mama!

I am a Hypnobirthing teacher with a particular interest in postpartum care. It’s a crucial time, when Mum needs to be nurtured and cared for by those around her so she can nurture her little one and be the best mum she can. Yet sadly this is a time (particularly in UK culture) when the Mum is often not looked after as she should be and is expected to bounce back into life quickly. The process of childbirth and a woman’s journey into motherhood (regardless of how many babies she may have had) is life changing, staggering emotionally and physically and is simply not given the reverence it, she deserves.

This is why I trained as Bone Closer. Before I knew what the Bone closing massage and Ceremony was, I had looked for something like it after the birth of my second child. I knew I needed it. Since I have trained, I have witnessed the powerful physical effects and emotional releases from mothers, regardless of how long ago they had their children. I would recommend to any woman wishing to honour her body, her womb, pay homage to her journey through womanhood (not necessarily motherhood) as a nurturing and healing experience.

This is a lovely as a private one to one experience with your Bone Closer, or as a group with your nearest and dearest as a circle of women to share the experience.  I would be honoured to be a part of this journey with you.




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