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Claire Keen

Claire Keen

Covers: Suffolk


Phone: 07852277941

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Suffolk & Norfolk

More about me:

Hi, I am a mentored birth & postnatal doula and I am grateful to be able to offer this beautiful treatment Closing the Bones. This healing massage and is a wonderful and a great way of giving mothers the time to be nurtured, loved and recognised.

I had never heard of Closing The Bones until I became a doula and I had already had my four children. I found it vey difficult after babies 2 and 3 to walk for any real distance without being in great pain through my hips and wish I had been aware of this sooner.

After my treatment I felt extremely relaxed and had a sense of release. Since then I have actually felt the physical benefits too. Having four children, (my youngest being three at the time) this has been an unexpected turn in my health that I cannot be more thankful for. Because of this I am delighted to be helping to keep this tradition alive.

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