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Emily Marsh

Emily Marsh

Covers: Rest of the World


Phone: 050 479 1440

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I cover all areas of Dubai.

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Welcome to my bio!

I am a happily married woman, and mum to 2 wonderful daughters (born 1999 and 2002). I trained, and have worked, as a doula since 2008. I am passionate about my doula work, but always felt I would like to compliment it with ‘something else’, and then I heard about Closing the Bones!

Closing the Bones fits perfectly, a wonderful finale to pregnancy and birth. Having my own bones closed was an amazingly healing and spiritual experience, and I feel honoured that I am now able to offer this traditional ritual to others. Although traditionally it was performed immediately after birth, the closing can be done many, many years after having children, there is no time limit for the receiving.

This beautiful ceremony lasts around 2 hours, this includes a chat both before and after the closing. I will bring everything that is needed, so you are free to relax and enjoy being celebrated.


Please contact me should you wish further information, or just a general chat.

Love and light, Emily x


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