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Juliet Jamieson

Juliet Jamieson

Covers: Hertfordshire


Phone: 07974 404315

You can also contact me on email:

Location details:

I live in a village called Watton-at-Stone in Hertfordshire between Hertford and Stevenage. I am happy to drive up to an hour from Watton-at-Stone or I can see you at my home.

More about me:

I am a doula and I have learnt about the ritual of Closing the Bones at Maddie and Sophie’s wonderful workshops in Cambridge. I am a Speech and Language Therapist and have spent many years working with families and young children. I have three adult daughters and a baby granddaughter.  I was privileged to be my daughter’s doula when she had her first child a few months ago.

At the Closing the Bones workshops I learnt about the importance of honouring a woman physically, emotionally and spiritually after pregnancy and birth. Often, after childbirth, all the focus is on the wellbeing of the baby and the mother can feel neglected.  This is a way of honouring, celebrating and empowering the mother in her new role. I strongly believe that women at any stage in their lives can benefit from feeling valued and restored by this ancient traditional ceremony. In fact, my own bones were closed 27 years after my youngest child was born and I found it to be a deeply relaxing and profoundly cathartic experience.

The ceremony can be performed at your home (I will bring everything that is required)  or in my specially converted stable in my garden where I have created a peaceful sanctuary.  I also work with another doula who lives nearby so we are able to close a mother’s bones and look after their baby at the same time.

Please get in touch if you would like any more information and we can discuss a bespoke ceremony to suit your specific requirements.


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