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Lenka Volovska

Lenka Volovska

Lenka Volovska

Covers: East Sussex


Phone: 07751 697 422

You can also contact me on email:

Location details:

Hastings, St Leonards-on-Sea, Bexhill, Battle, Robertsbridge, Etchingham, Rye, Eastbourne, Lewes and surrounding area…depends on your need and my availability

More about me:

Hi, I am Lenka,

midwife, trained doula and Co-founder of Wise Mamas with my amazing colleague Elena.

I’ve been a midwife for over 8 years, working first in my home Country, the Czech Republic, and now in the UK.

I also trained as a doula with Michel Odent and I am a “Closing the Bones” practitioner. I love this work as it leaves the woman feeling beautifully centred and relaxed. It’s like the cherry on top to close the nurturing circle for a new mama.

During my career I have met many women who were hypnobirthing and it has always been empowering to witness! A woman’s body is so wise and powerful. I always felt inspired, touched and full of joy after being present at this type of birth. What surprised me the most is how women can use the tools they learn to have a positive experience in any circumstances. A Caesarean section can be just as empowering as a home waterbirth when women feel supported, protected, loved and cared for, and can slip into their “inner world”/ “zone” to welcome their baby.

I live in East Sussex, where I enjoy practicing midwifery now more than ever as I work alongside like-minded people, which is a joy!

Looking forward to meet you <3

Lenka x


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