Lenka Volovska

Lenka Volovska

Covers: East Sussex


Phone: 07751697422

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Especially Hastings, St Leonards-on-Sea, Battle, Eastbourne, Lewes..anywhere I can get easily by train, car or bike as I do not drive at the moment

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I love seeing woman becoming a goddess. Birth and motherhood is one of the occasions when you can see it happen, as I found out while working for over 5 years as a midwife.

It has not all happened over night, but it surely has been a wonderful, exciting and fullfilling journey full of great teachers – Michel OdentLiliana LammersBarbara Kosfeld, Sophie Messager, Ina May GaskinThe Kushi Institute of Europe).

I was always very independent and loved improvising and feeling free…but moving far away from my family and friends made me realize the importance of community, support and sisterhood, which I wish every woman has during her pregnancy and early postpartum.

Closing the bones is amazing, gentle technique creating “me” space for you in the middle of sometimes hectic changes after baby is born..or also even years later, as a treat to yourself, closing the cycle.

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