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Melanie Wright

Melanie Wright

Covers: Essex, Suffolk


Phone: 07905651377

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Happy to drive up to 45 minutes from Colchester in North Essex

More about me:

I am a birth and postnatal doula, breastfeeding supporter, and hypnobirthing instructor living in Colchester in North Essex. I have recently added Closing the Bones as part of my postnatal offering, after training with Sophie Messager in February 2019.

Birth is such an emotional time, and it can be either the most empowering or sadly sometimes the most traumatic experience of a woman’s life. I believe in the wisdom of women’s bodies, and our ability to do this everyday miracle of giving birth. And I believe that having done so, we deserve to be heralded as the heroes we are, and cherished and nurtured as we make what may be the biggest transition of our lives, into motherhood.  Closing the Bones is a wonderful expression of this care and honouring of women’s bodies.

But Closing the Bones is not just for new mothers. Many women who have suffered loss, or who may have experienced birth or loss many years ago, find the ceremony deeply healing. Our bodies deserve cherishing, for everything they have been through. Closing the Bones is a perfect way to cherish yourself and honour your experiences.

On a physiological level, Closing the Bones is an excellent way to bring the body back into alignment and release stresses held in the pelvis. It doesn’t have to be pursued as a spiritual experience (though many women find it to be one) but can be simply a lovely relaxing and pampering experience for a new mother. It makes a wonderful baby shower gift, and I offer Gift Certificates for just this purpose. Contact me for details.


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