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Vicky Walker

Vicky Walker

Covers: London


Phone: 07971810697

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Location details:

North London – working in North, West and East London.

More about me:

I am a doula, homeopath and massage therapist and I have been working in peri-natal natural health since 2008. The Closing the Bones ceremony has a deep resonance in me. For those of us who are seeking to reintroduce a sense of sacredness to the birthing process it is an amazing tool. It is a recognition of the completion of the momentous journey of childbirth and a chance to bestow reverence on the female body for all it’s beauty and gifts.

Since I trained in 2014, I have performed Closing with women who gave birth recently, many years ago and those who have never birthed a child and they are all able to find immense value in the physical, emotional and spiritual soothing that it brings. Working in this way allows me to accompany women as they engage with unlocking what can be held in the body to become freer on every level.

The ceremony lasts around 90 minutes and is offered as a home visit, allowing for the deep integration that can happen over the following hours and days.

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