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Closing the bones, a journey in-between worlds-by Virginia Valli

I started working with subtle energies when I first visited Bali in 2012. It was such an important year for me, when my soul acknowledged that the light and the love is within me.

Since then I have been committed to share this beautiful light every day, with every single action. I have now started offering and sharing healing, this is mainly body energy healing such as Craniosacral Therapy and Reiki.


I am a midwife by profession, and I have been thinking a lot about what I offer to the women and the families I care for.

I work for the NHS and so as you can imagine as much as I would like to offer, there is no time, space, opening, or opportunity within the National Health for holistic practices, blah blah blah ..


I felt my soul needed to offer something different, and one night I had a dream about the closing the bones ceremony, and so I decided to follow this path to train with Sophie.


I love body energy work and intuitive healing, it truly is a great journey into someones soul. I always feel privileged and honoured to being able to enter that dimension.


Closing the bones is even more special because allows me to heal and complete the journey of becoming a mother, the journey of Childbirth. As I am a midwife this is a great opportunity to close this circle. It is the ending point that competes the transformation from maiden to mother, the second rite of passage in the journey of being a woman.


I’m very connected to the feminine power and the mothers of the universe and mother earth. When I offer this healing my soul is deeply connected to the mothers and the healers from all time, since the beginning of the universe.


When I close my eyes and offer my energy to women my hands become roots, roots of the most ancient tree – the tree of life. We are all connected to this tree and when we realise it, well… magic happens: the infinite feminine power, the primal power of creation awakens.


I did my first official closing the bones to Seema a few days ago:

It was powerful journey into her re-birth as a mother and the birth of her second daughter.

When I first met her, as soon as we hugged  a river of emotions raised and I felt I had to hold this flow for her for a little while so she could breath and rest after her birth journey.

She lay on the floor resting with her baby on her chest, and I started by rocking her with the rebozo, like you would rock and soothe your own baby:

“You are safe my love, I’m here for you now you can let go” And she did.

It was then time to connect my hands to her belly, to the centre of her creativity – her Womb.


She just given birth to the daughter who had chosen her to be her mother, a long long time ago:

She was born from her seed, the same seed that was in her womb when Seema was in her mother’s womb, and so three generations are connected and born in the same womb, how magical?


I was honoured and humbled to have the privilege to connect Seema with her womb, whilst she journeyed, “in between worlds” as she told me, and I journey with her. I was the light protecting her during her journey.

We travel to the centre of her soul and within her heart. Her heart is the soil for one of the roots of the tree of life.


Here she discovered her power within again, she remembers how wild she was during the birth of her daughter, and acknowledges her braveness, proud of what she did and what she has become. She is a goddess.


She discovered this birth healed the previous one. She reclaimed her feminine power, and she knows she can do anything now.

My vision is her vision, her body  telling me what to do, where to touch, and what needs healing. We are one love.

I wrap her body with cloth and fabric, this is the sealing ceremony. This is the time to give back her flow of emotions and process them.

I’m still holding the space for her, to let her know she is safe.

She feels this is too much, and cant breath, and so I soften the fabric around her heart.

We often we underestimate our strength and think its too much, but the universe only gives her what she can handle.

She enters a space she hasn’t been visiting for long time:


I release some more rebozo starting from her feet,

like a wave, born from the ocean of her emotion

I unwrap her body

She is home again.

She is amazing.


Seema told me:


“I felt comfortable as soon as I met Virginia. I found her warm, friendly, open.  Above all her presence was incredible and just what I needed.


The closing the bones ceremony that Virginia did with me was more then what I could ever have expected. I felt so loved, nurtured and cared for. I was lacking this after having my second baby just a week and a half before the ceremony.


Virginia gave me the space to allow me to acknowledge just how incredible I am as a woman, a mother and a wife. How amazing that i have grown , birthed and now mothering two babies!! I have a deep respect and honour the mother who goes through this journey. Now i really know what people mean when they say you are reborn when you give birth. Its the last amazing feeling ever!! ”


Infinite gratitude and love to Sophie and Maddie for sharing closing  the bones with me and with many other women!

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