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A mother’s experience of closing the bones

When I first heard of a ‘closing the bones’ ceremony I must admit I thought it sounded slightly sinister and cult-ish – I couldn’t have been more wrong!

A quick ‘Google’ brought up lovely stories and images of South African women celebrating motherhood with a wonderful woman-centred ceremony incorporating massage and rebozo work.

So, not only had Google put my mind at ease but the fact that the lady offering it locally was a woman I admire, respect and would trust with my life – indeed she may even be present at my next birth – it was the wonderful Zoe Walsh, doula, chair of the Blackpool, Wyre and Fylde Maternity Matters (MSLC) and breastfeeding supporter.

I didn’t need to read any more, I booked myself in and looked forward to a few hours of ‘me’ time.

The Treatment

I was advised to wear leggings and a top so that Zoe could access my hips, pelvis and tummy and so it began…
Zoe had created a lovely nest of blankets, hot water bottles and wheat bags that looked so welcoming and comfy. The air was scented with aromatherapy candles and I was able to listen to relaxing music of my own.
We had a quick chat about what ‘closing the bones’ meant and about what she would be doing during the treatment. Zoe then gave me a choice of aromatherapy oils and we picked a gorgeous orange and frankincense blend and we were off!

Rebozo Work

When I lay down, there was a rebozo (like a large scarf) positioned under my hips and Zoe stood over me gently lifting my hips off the floor. Similar to hypnosis I think I may have lost all concept of time – so please don’t quote me on this – but I think she spent about 5-10 minutes gently rocking or ‘sifting the rebozo’. My hips were swaying from side to side and it felt lovely.

The Massage

We then moved on to the massage, this consisted of several techniques, where it felt like Zoe used different parts of her hands and wrists to gently massage my tummy, hips, pelvis and round in to my back.
It was bliss!
Now, I have always loved a good massage (except in labour when I hated it!) but I think what made this even more special was the fact that Zoe softly reminded me that this was where my baby had been.

The Ceremony

And this is what this ‘ceremony’ is all about, connecting with the space that held your baby, recognising all the hard work it went through and helping it to heal. I think we often forget the strain our bodies are put under when they are carrying a baby, giving birth and then caring for a baby afterwards.
Our babies are so precious that all of the focus postnatally (and forever more!) is on them and we, as mothers, often get forgotten about. Every waking minute is focused either on your gorgeous baby or on getting some sleep – and in the Western World we are rubbish at stopping for a minute and remembering the woman. You. The amazing goddess that has just given birth!
So…whether you gave birth ten days ago or ten years ago, I highly recommend that you give Zoe a call and book in for some ‘mummy’ time – celebrate your birth and your body and feel the benefits, physically, mentally and emotionally.

This article was kindly provided by Zoe’s client Caroline and was first published on

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  1. Bethan Brain on March 7, 2017 at 6:11 am

    Beautifully explained. Thank you xxx

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