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Allison Wickramasinghe

Allison Wickramasinghe

Covers: Bedfordshire, Cambridgeshire, Hertfordshire


Phone: 07810306583

You can also contact me on email:

Location details:

I am very happy to travel but milage costs will apply for distances greater than 10 miles from SG7.

More about me:

Sharing this ceremony brings me so much joy. This female ceremony can be performed at any significant life juncture. My own journey of discovery lead me from Midwife, to Mother of three small children, to The Wise Hippo Instructor, to Baby Spinner practitioner, to Rebozo user, to Bones Closer, to Placenta Encapsulator & Placenta Remedy Practitioner.

Closing The Bones is a female ceremony that wraps rocks & massages, to nurture & harmonise your body heart & soul. I come to your home and begin by preparing the room. I then invite you into the space and smudge you with Palo Santo. I lay five rebozo cloths create a bed nest. I rebozo rock your hips, massage your tummy, massage your pelvic hip bones. I begin to close your hips with massage, then continue this close with a rebozo cloth. I then wrap your head shoulders hips thighs & calves. I complete the close by wrapping you in the bed nest. You rest and luxuriate to the beat of a drum. This is a time for you to really focus on you – a rare opportunity. And then comes my favourite part of the ritual – I open the cloth and allow you to take your time to come back to the here and now.

For some this ceremony can have a profound impact on their well being, for others simply a deep sense of being nurtured.


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