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What happens during a postnatal recovery massage?

Ahead of the massage we discuss your preferences with you.

When we arrive, we have a chat with you, to get to know you and what you are hoping to get from the massage.

We prepare a massage table and lay one or more shawls on top (we usually use a traditional Mexican shawl called a rebozo) . We may also use relaxing music and lovely scents for the room according to your preferences (a diffuser, some scented candles), and pull the curtains to make the space lovely and cosy.

You then lie on your back on the prepared massage table. We use blankets to keep you covered and warm as we work on different parts of your body.




First we rock your hips for a while using a rebozo or other scarf or shawl.

Then we massage your abdomen, hips, chest, shoulders and arms using a special warming oil, and we follow a specific sequence of movements designed to loosen, realign and relax you.

We then rock your pelvis some more with the rebozo

Finally we wrap your hips, or wrap you from your head to your toes with several shawls and cover you with a blanket to keep you nice and warm.


Whilst you lay there we add elements that fits your circumstances, reading a poem, singing a song, drumming, or simply keeping our hands on your body, whilst you integrate the process.

When it’s finished, we leave you to relax for a bit.

We might prepare you a lovely warming drink.

There is a chance to chat about the experience for a while afterwards.

The whole process usually lasts between 1.5 and 2h.


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