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Taran Nidhaan Kaur (Joke Aerts)

Taran Nidhaan Kaur (Joke Aerts)

Covers: Belgium


Phone: 0032477815733

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Location details:

I commute regularly between between Heusden-Zolder in Limburg, Belgium and Tenerife, Spain
Heusden-Zolder is close to Hasselt and cities like Eindhoven, Valkenswaard, Maastricht in the Netherlands and at 1 hour from Antwerp, Leuven & Brussels.

More about me:

My birth name is Joke Aerts. Since I am a Kundalini Yoga Instructor I have a spiritual name, Taran Nidhaan Kaur.

This name suits me very well. I believe as its meaning is about helping people to be consciousness, that there is more than the material world we live in. Through my yoga teachings, healings and treatments, you can feel the connection with the divine world and can spread your light out.

I feel very blessed to offer this beautiful ceremony of Closing the Bones in Belgium and in Spain (Tenerife) now.

This is an amazing treatment to reconnect with your true SELF, to heal yourself.

It’s not only for women who gave birth, but also men who like to come closer to their self. Also children in case of stress, trauma, ADHD, anxiety,… EVERYBODY can feel the benefits of the massages and the sifting with the Rebozos.

I love it and you will never regret it!

ૐSat nam ૐ


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