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The people listed on this site have all learned the Closing the Bones massage and rebozo techniques with us. We do not employ any of them, nor do we endorse them or provide any official accreditation. We do encourage everyone to practice the skills and gain confidence before offering Closing the Bones as a service to the women of their community and to be fully led by the women they massage, learning from their feedback.

We invite you to follow your instinct and employ common sense when approaching anyone listed on this site. Choose someone you feel an affinity for and talk to them on the phone to ensure you feel trust in her and safe in her hands. Having your bones closed is a time to honour and celebrate your childbearing, whether that was recently or many years ago. Whoever facilitates this for you should show that she understands what a privilege it is to nurture you.

Closing the Bones is not a trademarked term, nor is it a ‘treatment’. It is an ancient, homespun skill that is passed down from mother to daughter. No one should make any claims or promises about its efficacy. Everyone who offers to close your bones should endeavour to provide you with a relaxing, nurturing massage and create a safe and loving space.

You can search for a Bone Closer by county. Get in touch with someone you like the look of and she will tell you if she is available and happy to come to you.

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