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Closing the Bones for Loss

by Skevi Nicodemou

 An Exciting New Skill

When I initially attended the Closing the Bones workshop I came away feeling inspired and couldn’t wait to offer this new skill, a beautiful postpartum massage and ritual. I envisioned performing it for new mums as celebration of their transition from giving birth and entering Motherhood, and helping them to have some much needed time out. How wrong I was.

Closing the Bones is all of this, but SO much more. The name itself always gets a reaction and creates intrigue (as well as some funny faces or non-expressive reactions!). Just recently there has been lots of interest too. I was recently asked to talk about it and do a Closing the Bones demo at a local wellbeing event.  Someone else (not TV!) wants to feature me and Closing the Bones it on her online series which talks about and shares knowledge on various healing therapies. I honestly believe the world is ready (and thirsty) for this wisdom to be shared.

When I used to type up the description for leaflets and my website for Closing the Bones I’s say… ‘It’s a nurturing and restorative healing massage for all women… (Especially new mums)’. Now when I talk about it and use those words I genuinely feel them. Every. Single. One.

It is soooo nurturing. A client beautifully described it to me recently as a feeling of being held by her mother (does it get better than that?!) Yes it restores and grounds too, holding you in a safe and loving way, and replenishes you from the roots. This is how I know it is for every woman.

Closing the Bones for Loss

Someone got in touch with me to enquire about pregnancy massage some weeks ago, we spoke and arranged to schedule something in once she was able to. She later got back in touch just a couple of weeks later to say that she had experienced a silent miscarriage and wondered if there was anything I could do to support her as we wouldn’t be carrying out Pregnancy Massage as she had planned.  We hadn’t met before but I felt so inspired and knew I could support her with Closing the Bones. I knew that that I could create a beautiful and sacred space for her to feel supported, acknowledge and explore her experience of loss.  She was feeling quite overwhelmed and had not heard of a silent miscarriage before so there was also an element of ‘shock’.

A beautiful Closing

She felt overwhelmed, in shock and was trying to come to terms with what had happened. This woman felt like there was a need and expectation to ‘just carry on’ and didn’t feel her husband fully supported or gave her the space to go through her experience and loss.  Her mum came to stay with her and help to care for her for a short time, which was wonderful! But from speaking with her and listening to her mum when I got there, though there was a lot of love and practical support offered, again, a thread of ‘carrying on, and that ‘all will be well’.  My client expressed her worry for what would happen in the future or how she’d recover from this devastating experience.

This was the first session I held for loss and I feel so grateful for being able to work with women in this way. I’m grateful for the opportunity and am genuinely in awe of this brave woman for reaching out for support and really letting herself go. She even expressed after that she was a bit ‘unsure/sceptical’ about Closing the Bones so I’m even more pleased that she took the first step.

When I arrived we sat, drank tea and opened up for her to begin to share her story. We began Closing of the Bones.

I reminded her that the thread of connection was always there and she could light a candle in memory and in honour of her baby, as well as reminding her she could come back to the energy that we created and communicate with her soul baby at any time.

Words from the Heart

“After experiencing a silent miscarriage I decided to take some healing action for my body and soul and for the soul of my little angel baby whom I was not able to meet but carry in my heart every day.

From the first moment that I met with Skevi I was so very comforted by her words and positive aura. She immediately made me feel at ease and suggested a very healing Closing of the Bones massage and emotional support all in the comfort of my own home. She set up the room beautifully and made me feel wonderful.

From the bottom of my heart this was indeed the kick start I needed to heal from this very sad experience. I felt extremely relaxed after such a long time and able to connect spiritually with my baby. With every word spoken and every movement across my aching body and heart I felt that Skevi’s powerful and healing touch was giving me the strength I needed to say goodbye and let go.

Any woman who has experienced this heartache will know how hard it is to let go but I am truly so blessed to have been able to connect and say goodbye. A very humble thank you to a talented and wonderful woman – Skevi

I am very hopeful for the future and look forward to embarking on further massages with Skevi to help me on my path to meet with my next blessing. Thank you for being there and for all of your help and guidance. Much much love always xx”.

A Personal Connection

I’ve since worked with and supported women during and after fertility, pregnancy and baby loss with Closing the Bones. I feel honoured and grateful to be sharing this and being able to hold women in a small way during life’s many transitions.

I am currently going through my own challenges and it’s been a pretty intense time personally for other reasons. Call it transition, call it Loss, call it Life!  Along with various healing modalities, Closing the Bones is one of the ways I am supporting and giving back to myself. I really value it’s gift and based on all of the syncronicities and additional interest it has been attracting latelt I belive the world is ready to receive it’s wisom.

Thank you for passing down and sharing this beautiful ceremony and all of the nuggests of that go along with it too.



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