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Closing the bones, my story, by Helen Discombe

This story has been written by Helen Discombe Where to start with this story?  I had planned to start at the birth, but I feel I need to reach back before then. There was a time where I thought I would never be a mother.  I feared birth.  I feared hospitals and doctors and nurses.…

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Closing the Bones for Loss

by Skevi Nicodemou  An Exciting New Skill When I initially attended the Closing the Bones workshop I came away feeling inspired and couldn’t wait to offer this new skill, a beautiful postpartum massage and ritual. I envisioned performing it for new mums as celebration of their transition from giving birth and entering Motherhood, and helping…

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A reflection on closing the bones

  Helen Discombe recently attended the closing the bones workshop. She wrote a blog about her experience that she has kindly allowed us to link to here. She starts her story with… “Last night I returned home from two days of workshops in Cambridge with the wonderful Sophie Messager.  I felt drained and tired, but also…

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Closing bones, the completion of one cycle and growth of a new cycle

Sophie Fletcher attended the closing the bones training in 2017. This is her account what the ritual did for her. “Through recognizing the archetypal and spiritual nature of the experience…an understanding of and a healing of the wounded mother can begin. We are all the inheritors of the wounded mother. The repression of the feminine…

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Today I was healed-a story of loss

We recently asked for stories from the bone closers in our community. We wanted to run a competition to celebrate our 200th member! We wanted their experiences of both giving and receiving. We had many marvellous entries and will be sharing the winning entries here over the coming weeks. Here is our runner-up winner, Rosie, with her…

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Closing the bones : a male doula’s experience

I (Sophie) first heard of Dr Attila Jonas when he contacted me asking to attend a closing the bones workshop earlier in 2017. Having not heard of him, I had to make sure he was a safe person to work with, so I quickly dropped a message to male midwife Mark Harris to check if…

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